Speaking to the choir here, but elevated events are nothing less than art. At Maruwa Design, flowers are simply a medium to convey your personality in an aesthetic way. Every place setting is an opportunity to not only impress, but connect with your guests. Your event is an artistic expression of what matters most to you. 

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Serving Clients in Portland, Vancouver, and Beyond

Floral Concept Creation
Event Design (add-on)

Full Service Floral Design (includes set-up and post-event takedown)
Weekly Touchups for Hotels and Businesses

 Whether it's a jaw-dropping lobby arrangement, a New Year's executive dinner, or an old Hollywood-inspired gala at a private country club, Maruwa Design is here to highlight the best in your brand through florals and decor. 

Drawing inspiration from the venue and your event vision, we explore ways to design something modern, unexpected, yet delightfully timeless. 

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Corporate Galas, Special Events, & Commercial Installations


Full Service Floral and Event Design options for all private events

Partial Planning available for proposals and engagement parties

A fairytale proposal, the kind with candles, flowers, happy tears, and a heartfelt "YES!" 

Or perhaps it's an anniversary dinner, a baby shower, or surprise graduation party. 

You want this moment to be unforgettable, deeply personal, and simply gorgeous. 

We offer floral design, event design services for your decor needs, plus access to a list of trusted vendors in the Portland metro-area. 

Luxury Proposals and Private Events

Special Events

Investment: Wedding Floral Design
 starts at $10,000+

Full-Service Floral Design (includes set-up and post-event takedown)

Complimentary Design Consultation
Floral Concept Creation

You want your wedding to feel regal, yet fun and personal. Modern, yet timeless. 

You love flouncy bouquets, statement floral installations, and luxury candles. Something romantic, not stuffy. 

Most importantly, you want a designer who resonates with your creative vision. A floral designer that you can trust to bring your most important celebration to life. 

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The moment when your guests experience the beauty of your dreams. A setting reminiscent of royalty, exuding sophistication and grace. And most importantly, a celebration that feels uniquely YOU.